What comes in cctv analog system? We will train you from the basics like the introduction of the cctv oldest cameras to the latest and updated devices and all. We train you on the basics, installation, services, maintenance and also the software update parts like wise the AI or the latest drone camera to camera controllers to wifi cctv and every aspect of the analog camera types.


Learn every things in the CCTV analog systems. Like the survey of the site, Quotation of the devices, Execution of the installation and then Installation of the CCTV systems. We will train you on all the brands National or International Brands. 

CCTV Training refers to the education and skills development programs that focus on teaching individuals how to properly operate and maintain closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems. CCTV Training courses typically cover various aspects of CCTV technology, including camera installation, video recording, troubleshooting, and network setup.


Key topics covered in CCTV Training may include:

 1. Introduction to CCTV: Overview of CCTV technology, components, and applications.


2. Camera Installation: Understanding different types of cameras, lens selection, mounting options, and positioning for optimal coverage.


3. Video Recording: Learning about DVR/NVR systems, video storage, and configuring recording settings.


4. Network Setup: Understanding how to connect CCTV systems to a network, configure IP addresses, and remote access.


5. Video Playback and Analysis: Using playback features to review footage, extract evidence, and analyze incidents.


6. CCTV Maintenance: Proper cleaning and maintenance procedures for cameras, DVRs/NVRs, and cabling.

 7. Troubleshooting: Techniques for identifying and diagnosing common CCTV system issues and how to resolve them.

 8. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Understanding the legal implications of using CCTV technology, privacy concerns, and industry regulations.

CCTV Training programs can be offered by various organizations, including security companies,